воскресенье, 27 ноября 2016 г.

                    Review of mini hexacopter JJRC H20H

Good day everyone! Let me present a small review of mini hexacopter JJRC H20H. Looking for a gift for my nephew I came across this copter. Criteria for selecting this model were nice look and low price. Eventually my choice fell on a controlled flying model for several reasons:

- Radio-controlled model will be a joy for a kid;
- Entertainment in the open air. Quite active.
- Entertainment that provides additional pastime with the family.

Of course these criteria will match many other worthy things, but in my opinion the copter is one of the most interesting.
I received the copter within two weeks after order. The box inside the pack is wrapped in several layers of soft packaging material.

The items inside the box are put into a plastic mold-frames ensuring extra protection.

The box contains: a copter, 
remote control, 
set of spare propeller blades consisting of 6 pcs.,screwdriver, battery charging device and operation manual (Chinese / English).
Let’s get to an inspection.

The Copter itself. My subjective impressions on it: small, nice-looking, accurately assembled, no cracks and voids. Six remotely-mounted legs accommodate electric motors with propellers making the aircraft look like an insect, especially when overturned.

The copter is powered by 150 mah 3.7 V lithium-polymer battery.
The body accommodates battery connection jack and ON/OFF lever.

Aircraft warning LED lights are located under the body on board. Red ones indicate the back and blue ones indicate the front.

Here are a few disclosure photos.

Remote control is quipped with two steering levers, three switches and two buttons. Remote control material of construction is non-slippery plastic of good quality. No bad odor. No backlash. Buttons and levers move firmly. Pushing or shifting control is felt well. Assemble is good there is no complaints. The drone runs on two AA batteries. The bottom part is covered with a plate. The screwdriver by the way magnetizes the fasteners which is a pleasant trifle.
Photo of inside parts.

Propellers. A set of spare propeller blades. Three left – rotating and three right – rotating which is important to keep in mind when replacing the same. Two yellow directing blades and four black blades. And as far as I understood it from the manual you can order spare parts if necessary.
Charging device. Charging is performed from USB port. At full charge the diode turns red. Didn’t disassemble.

Operation manual. The manual is written in Chinese and English. During translation he found some discrepancies (related model) and some minor misprints (“Chinese style English”) but it is not critical. The manual contains lithium polymer battery operation safety rules, it is good of the manufacturer to do so but it won’t substitute additional safety instructions you have to give to the child personally.

Carefully assembling the unit, enclose the translated manual, a bit of bother with wrapping paper and the gift is packed. 

I don’t know whether my gift will be a start for copters or controlled models hobby. Maybe it will facilitate development of technical, engineer worldview. I don not know this, but  I am sure about one thing that the nephew will be enjoyed and pleased a lot and that’s the most important thing.

Field testing. In the course of operational tests I did two flights. Video compilation of flight experience you may see in a short video below. I got positive impressions. It surely captivates. The drone is quite quick. For more fun and confident steering of an air-craft you should at least fly more than two times 5 minutes long. The copter squeaks like a mosquito. Time passes by very quickly and regretfully you think about replacing the battery with more powerful one which will allow more flying experience per single session.
Among the merits I can mention the following: cheap, excellent quality, nice-looking. Among the disadvantages: it is inconvenient to turn on the copter itself because of a tiny switch, also it is complicated to pull out the battery for charging. All totaled what do we have? I am content. In a few days I will hand it over to my nephew and in a week or so gonna know his opinion. In a month I will order such a copter for myself! 

Thanks for your attention.
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