вторник, 16 мая 2017 г.

                                                  Carpenter's assistant

 Good day everyone In today's review I'm going to tell you about another useful tool for your home. This is a hollow cutting  head for a drill for making wooden plugs, dowels, pins..
  I've always appreciated a wood as a material. When & where possible I prefer wood to other materials. I don't own a carpenter's workshop unfortunately but I have a few specific tools.  And usually I purchase them when I have a chance and opportunity. In this review I will describe one of such tools.
   A long time ago in one foreign video I saw how a master manufacturing furniture was covering the holes having fastening caps with wooden dowels which he was cuting himself from other wooden board. Then I really enjoyed that idea, but I never discovered anything like that tool neither in the market nor in shops. Time passed and I ran across such tools on AliExpress.
Made payment. Two weeks later got the deliver pack at post office.
The heads were delivered in a simple blue package.

Dimensions of head pieces from the larger to the smaller.
Length: 52mm, 51mm, 50mm, 49mm.
Outer diameter: 20mm, 18mm, 12mm, 10mm.
Thickness of cutting rim - 2mm.
Internal diameter: 16mm, 13mm, 8mm, 6mm.
Diameter of leg inserted into drill socket - 6.5 mm.
Effective depth 32 mm.

Heads are made of carbon steel. Working part is covered with golden titanium nitride. That is an advantage.
In operation. From the larger to the smaller.

I'll show its usage while fabricating the shelf.
The process itself.
Drilling in with a thin drill (not obligatory) along the axis of self-tapping screw entering.
Drilling a hole with a 8mm drill for setting of self-tapping screw cap.
Screwing in the self-tapping screw.

Then undercutting.
There in this situation the board is already painted and a wooden blank plug is not. To do it right both wooden plugs and boards must be from a single lot of wood and be treated at a time.
 Video of the  process.

   he width of a gap is such that the wooden cylinder can be broken off with no extra effort with a tip of a knife or a screwdriver. If a dowel remains in the head piece it can be easily removed by a knife or a screwdriver.

   I decided to make a support stand for the heads so that they do not get lost. It can be hanged or put on a surface.
Drawing a simple pattern.


In situ.

By the way the board I used for making wooden dowels came in handy later. After a simple modification I adapted it for storing hand tools.
 Purchasing a tool I always consider it as an investment in my opportunities. That is why I'm content. Price and quality is satisfying. Going to use it in near future.
You can buy here.
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