пятница, 31 марта 2017 г.

              Multi-functional and high-power head torch.

 Good day everyone Today I would like to introduce an interesting head-torch. High quality light and reasoned design makes it very handy to use in nature.

The parcel was a compact cube in packaging film.

Inside the box is wrapped in air bubble film.

Characteristics and operation manual are given on the box.

Opening the box to have a look at the torch itself.

Unboxed torch looks more attractive.

The torch consists of the head, body, elastic bands and battery holder. The head of the torch and elastic bands are covered with MARPAT Desert US marines camouflage paint. The battery holder is painted in olive color.

The torch head is made of aluminum and has cooling fins. The reflector is flat. The torch uses popular proven light-emitting diode CREE XML-T6. Power supply, mode switcher and fastener to the base is located on the plastic made part that is bolted to the back part of torch head. Assembled head of the torch is fastened by the hinge on bolt. The stroke is tough, stroke angle exceeds 90 degrees.

The wire that feeds power to LED is in black thick insulation and is ergonomically fixed by the fasteners near elastic band.

Approximately in the middle it is put into bumping spiral.

The battery holder consists of two parts: plastic base and silicon cap.

The cap firmly fits to the base. Steel ring protects from loss.

Battery holder accommodates two batteries 18650. I used protected ones they are easily installed and removed.

The panel of charging device is located beneath.

Input for charging outside is closed with blind plug.

Signal LED red lamp (red plastic) is located at outer surface of battery holder.

The base is plastic one, light weight and has ergonomic bend.

The length of elastic band can be adjusted by stretching and with plastic buckles.

The picture of LED driver panel.


Visually looks nice. Camouflage paint, colors, shades and design leave pleasant impressions.

  Touching also feels very pleasant. Matte plastic without chipping, soft silicone, cool metal, fabric elastic band. Not heavy.
  No strong odor from plastic and elastic band.
  Fits the head tightly. Nothing wrings.

The light.

    The torch driver has three lighting modes. Bright - Dim - Stroboscope that are switched subsequently. Also there is a red signal light at front surface of battery holder.

   Impressions from lighting. The bright mode is like a car's headlight. High capacity spot light. Light pylon. It breaks the dark. Searching activities, area observation, lighting up the road. As an option it can be used as a lamp, it illuminates a room very well. In a dim mode it provides a good assistance and does not blind anyone with reflected rays. It suits well for giving illumination for most kinds of work. The color temperature of light is neutral white, pleasant for eyes.
I had no opportunity to check the runtime.

Later I discovered that the torch works even from one battery 18650

Luxmeter at a one meter distance.



The torch has a wide divergence angle. Beam shots in the outdoors. From the garage 3-4 meters.



Checking at small distance.

Bright. Not handily, the torch's beam blinds.

Dim. To my surprise this mode turned out to be very effective. Wide beam angle of such brightness is very convenient for work.

Unfortunately I have no opportunity to go tho nature theses days. So I put a few pictures taken in the city.

There is about 200 meters to building's wall. Hot spot diffuses but it is still visible.

Beside Fenix TK 21

As a conclusion I can say that this is a very good gadget. Multi-functional indeed. Perfect gift. Excellent choice for people who rest and work in nature, like hunters, fishermen, tourists, travelers, bicyclists. It will also be useful for people who live in separate houses. This torch allows to light up large areas and at far distances in a bright mode and is appropriate for illuminating all kind of manual work activities at close distance.
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