воскресенье, 29 января 2017 г.

         Not expensive but useful head-torch

   Over time it so happens that lots of household flash-lights break down suddenly,
get lost or given away and spread through the cities and villages. Which naturally leads to an instant lack of lighting sources in the house. This lack I decided to make up with the series of purchases of not costly lamps. In this review I will tell you in brief about the first of them.
     I was in a need of a head-mounted torch. Fed by AA or AAA batteries. Cheap but of an acceptable quality. I chose the model in random being guided by price and features appropriate to my expectations of not expensive operating head-mounted torch.
  I received the delivery pack of a traditional yellow color.

Inside the pack I found a torch itself wrapped in bubble film.

The torch is fabricated carefully. No overlaps, burrs or cavities. Everything is adjusted tightly with no component play. The battery cover is not fastened to the torch body axis. Torch angle control switch has a tight stroke. The torch’s not heavy. Neutral by touch and has no specific plastic smell. Visually the torch I well-made but it does not matter at all.

Elastic band stretches well. Fits tightly the head both when wearing hat and when not.

Had no opportunity to measure lumen rate. It has three sequentially selectable modes: bright, dim and strobe. For example, in the spot of bright light mode you can clearly see the tiny details on the floor and it does not blind at closer distances. You may perform any actions in a room or in a garage without switching on the main lights. The strobe flashes brighter than the “bright mode” of the torch.

The bright and the dim are similar to Phoenix TK-21 torch.

I did not check water resistance but IP64 protection degree is more than enough to me.

Let’s sum ‘bove up!
For the money you have to pay for it it’s an excellent lighting torch. For its purpose it is a classy torch. Shall put it into car’s glove compartment or trunk, into fishing bag or toolbox as the back-up for the main lights. Of course it does not bring holy reverence and awe but it should not afterwards. The torch purely serves its practical role. I recommend this one for purchase.